Feb 17, 2021

Home is the new office

This post is all about working from home and how so many of us are currently making our homes into offices.

Working from home with a cup of coffee

This post is all about working from home and how so many of us are currently making our homes into offices.

Hotbox can help home become the workable new office.

It’s taken a pandemic to prove that wfh is doable. But what are we going to do if the home becomes the new office – permanently?

Several employers say they’ll allow employees to work from home at least some of the time post-pandemic. And it’s a popular idea. Nine in 10 working parents and carers want workplaces to retain flexible working after lockdown, according to Working Families.

However, a freelance friend who’s worked from home for 17 years points out that WFH is not the be-all and end-all.

Homeworking – the good vs the bad

She said: “I get it that people are glad to see the back of the commute. They like not getting up early and love that the environment is getting a break. But there are downsides.

“Working from home is isolating, and keeping work and life separated is a constant battle. People think they want home working but what they want is for it to be part of a mix of working patterns.”

My friend has her own office and can keep work things tidy, but the big problem is that many people don’t. Last year, a City A.M. article reported that 37 per cent of Londoners in house shares have to work and sleep in their bedroom, making WFH more of a trial than a triumph as work and home merge.

How can Hotbox make a success of WFH long-term?

Hotbox portable organiser products are part of the solution. They help you stay organised wherever you are. You can separate work from personal items at home, or you’re while travelling to and from another workspace.

Here’s how I use my Hotbox 2. I keep papers, notes and pens organised in it while working at the kitchen table (my Hotbox 2 is in white, which matches the décor – essential to an interior designer!). When the kids need to do their homework or eat, I can quickly clear the table and decamp elsewhere.

Use-anywhere portability

The Hotbox is portable, so I can pop it into a cupboard at home when it’s not in use or into a locker when I’m at work. If I’m reading confidential papers, I lock them into another portable hot box – the Hotbox Hotbox Origin.

When we’re travelling again, I’m looking forward to using the new Hotbox Hotbox Shuttle backpack to keep organised on the go and divide work items from personal stuff when I get to where I’m going.

From the home office to the work office and anywhere in between, our products are the best at keeping work, and personal items separate if the home becomes the new office after Covid.