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A woman named Khalia stands smiling next to her work station in a co-working space
A woman named Rachel smiles whilst sitting in a colourful co-working space with her Hotbox bag on the desk
A man named Alex stands smiling in a co-working space with a Hotbox product over his left shoulder
A man named Jay wearing headphones sits and works in a coffee shop with his Hotbox bag protecting his equipment

Khalia at the office,

Rachel at home,

Jay in the coffee shop,

Alex hotdesking.

Hotbox products allow anyone to quickly and efficiently set up and define their workspace anywhere.

A man smiles whilst leaning against a bench in a co-working space with his Hotbox 4 set up behind him

Workspace in the office

With the agile work ethos here to stay, our office products help make sure you don’t waste a minute or any space.

A woman arrives at a co-working space carrying her work equipment in a Hotbox Bag

Workspace on the go

Our soft products make sure you’ve got all you need to adapt and set up your office on the move.

A man perches against a desk in a quirky co-working space

Workspace anywhere

Our adaptable mini-storage solutions will keep your cables and small devices safe, both in the office and out.

A man in a blue shirt stands with his arms crossed next to a desk in a bright and airy co-working space

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