Workspace Inspiration

Deep down, most businesses want their workplaces to offer employees the same things: an efficient, productive, collaborative space that allows everyone to do their best work. Here you’ll find inspiring ways we’ve done exactly that for some of the biggest businesses in the world. 

A man smiles whilst leaning against a bench in a co-working space with his Hotbox 4 set up behind him

Wells Fargo

Helping Wells Fargo embrace agility

When Wells Fargo made the switch to agile working just before the 2020 pandemic, colleagues found themselves swapping a dedicated desk and pedestal to non-allocated desks with lockers – and it was challenging.

Bank of America

Bank of America’s new agile approach

In order to create the perfect agile working environment for their employees an overhaul wasn’t feasible, so a simple solution was needed that could be delivered at the right price.


Keeping Blackrock agile and secure

Blackrock were facing critical challenges in terms of efficiency and security. The nature of their work meant a totally secure solution for personal storage was required, something that would give workers confidence as they adjusted to hot desking.


A bespoke blend of Hotbox for FedEx

With a mix of home working, hubs and offices, the new approach required a range of new storage options to cater for everyone’s different needs.

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What to Expect From Hybrid Working

Hybrid working culture has taken the business world by storm, out of necessity as much as anything else. Some organisations and workers are still struggling to adapt, or to know whether they should try. Check out our eBook to get a clear, practical overview of how going hybrid could and should work for you.

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A Guide to Different Work Styles

We’re all used to seeing statistics about the ‘average worker’, but who is this average worker? In reality, we all work differently and solve problems in different ways. Here we’ve looked at those different styles of working and how understanding them can have a big impact on your productivity.

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What The Future Holds For Real Estate

Corporate Real Estate trends are an interesting barometer for the modern workplace, illuminating clearly the intersection between the physical built environment, the projections and ambitions of individual businesses and the needs and behaviours of the human beings that keep it all moving.