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Our mission is to liberate the workspace, by giving everyone the products they need to set up and define theirs anywhere they want.

A man works at a desk in a co-working space, with all his equipment organised by Hotbox products around him

For organisations wanting to get the absolute best out of their people, and the most out of every inch of their real-estate, Hotbox provides the ideal breadth to empower agility where it matters. 

Creating a way of working that’s just better for everyone.

A woman walks through a colourful park carrying her work equipment in a Hotbox bag in light grey

Empower agility

In the new era of agile working, adaptability and efficiency are the primary benchmarks for a great day at the office, especially if you don’t actually step foot in one. 44% of UK companies want to save money by reducing physical office space. By giving you the freedom to define your workspace on the fly, Hotbox keeps all your people working efficiently, wherever they are.

Interior view of a Hotbox Tech Pouch, showing small electrical items neatly organised

Stay organised

Hotbox isn’t just a carry product. Every Hotbox has clever compartment spaces so you can get set up and working in no time at all. In fact, each detail has been considered to make sure that your work stuff is easy to access wherever you are, from grabbing a pen to airport laptop checks.

Hotbox 1 in a range of colours shown in a co-working space locker

Do things your way

Hotbox lets you tailor your space to suit you, and many of our products can be personalised to express individual personality or company branding. Just as importantly, we all work differently. As Bain and Company’s six worker types show, our motivations, work styles and approach to solving problems can vary a lot. The more employers embrace that diversity the more effective their whole team can be.

A woman sits at a hotdesk in an office space, with her paperwork safely attached to the desk with a Hotbox O

Protect what matters

Remote working and hotdesking shouldn’t come at the expense of security. From combination locks for confidential files, to dedicated padded storage options for your devices and electrical items, Hotbox keeps your stuff safe.

Trusted by big names

Hotbox products have been used by global giants and lone superstars for over fifteen years, and past clients include some of the most recognisable names in business and academia, including Facebook, FedEx and Bank of America.

A woman in a red blouse walks through the garden area of a co-working space with her work equipment in a black Hotbox bag

Sustainable through and through

We think deeply about the environmental impact our products have, from our use of recycled polypropylene plastics and recycled polyester Bluesign® fabrics, to the cardboard containers designed to convert into caddy stores. So you can invest in your productivity and people, without it conflicting with your own sustainability goals. 

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