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Perfect for every occasion

Fuss-free access to your laptop and tablet for a quick commute.

Uncrowded home office: Plenty of space for your laptop, files, and clothing.

Keep everything safe from water spills, lost luggage and theft.

Making it easier to travel in comfort with multiple devices.

Full of features

Easy and comfy to carry

With its lightweight materials, adjustable padded shoulder straps and top carry handle, the Shuttle is comfortable and easy to tote around.

Plenty of expandable space

The base of the top section unzips to create one big space for bulkier items like your jumper or files. Undo the flap at the top to expand it even further.

As adaptable as the space shuttle

We named the Shuttle after the space shuttle for its ability to take different payloads in the bottom compartment. Take out the pods and slide a handbag into the bottom insert if you want everything in one easy-to-carry container.

Fuss-free access

Remove your laptop and tablet in an instant at the airport or on a train, without diving into a black hole for them. Includes a pass-through pouch to fit onto a luggage wheelie.

Keep everything safe

The front pocket includes a lanyard to secure your keys or pass-card, while the cool orange zipper pulls can be pushed back and hidden when you’re on the go.

The Hotbox Tech Pouch

Stash pens, cables and connectors in the zipped mesh pocket on one side, or keep ear buds, charger and power packs securely in place in the elasticated loops on the other.

The Hotbox Tech Folio

Nifty pods that hold tools like your phone, sticky notes, pens, pad and charger. Pick them up with your laptop and carry just what you need to your desk or table, while the rest of the backpack stays in a locker or a cupboard.

Materials and dimensions

The Shuttle, Tech Folio & Tech Pouch is made with a recycled polyester interior and a bluesign® approved exterior polyester fabric that proves it’s manufactured in a safe, sustainable environment.

Shuttle Backpack

Height: 410mm / 16.14″
Width: 320mm / 12.59″
Depth: 170mm / 6.69″

Tech Folio

Height: 190mm / 7.48″
Width: 270mm / 10.62″
Depth: 30mm / 10.62″

Tech Pouch

Height: 190mm / 7.48″
Width: 270mm / 10.62″
Depth: 80mm / 3.14″

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3 in 1 travel bag for business or leisure

Durable, versatile, and affordable to suit your lifestyle.

Fits perfectly on any wheeled carry-on luggage.

Compact but expandable for more space.

Durable and easy to carry given the padded straps and top carry handle.