Bright ideas for Bank of America’s new agile approach.

The Problem

A big opportunity for agile collaboration needed a budget-friendly approach

When the London branch of The Bank of America relocated out of Canary Wharf to St Paul’s they wanted to embrace agile working with non-allocated desks. In order to create the perfect agile working environment for their employees an overhaul wasn’t feasible, so a simple solution was needed that could be delivered at the right price.

The Solution

Unlocking efficiency with lockers 

Since hotdesking was at the heart of their new office design strategy, furniture supplier Maine Furniture & Co. suggested lockers twinned with the Hotbox 2. With personalisation built in, the Hotbox 2 empowered the new agile approach and complemented the interior design, keeping costs low and efficiency high. The new space allowed teams to work freely and collaborate, whilst taking breaks in comfort.

The Results

  • Comfortable, versatile collaboration.
  • Colour-matched and personalised. 
  • Highly cost-effective solution.

The Products