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Switch Up Your Workstyle with Hotbox 3

Written by Rachel Forster

On March 7, 2019

Embracing different working environments within your 9-5 daily grind is becoming less of a rarity in this modern world. With more and more companies encouraging agile working practices across the globe, people are changing-up their workspaces either for a simple change in scenery or to be more productive in a new area.

But what is the key to maximising an agile workspace? How can people add more personality to make these spaces their own? The answer? The recently launched Hotbox 3.

Perfect if you are on-the-go in between coffee shop meetings and various co-working office spaces Hotbox 3 is more than just a laptop bag, it has endless storage possibilities to meet everyone’s agile working requirements.

With separate compartments for a laptop, an iPad, notebook, phone, pens and business cards. Hotbox 3 keeps you organised when you travel and wherever you choose to work. It is weatherproof, mobile and understated, organising all the tools you need to have a successful workday.

Available in a variety of shades, Hotbox 3 is made from Rivet by Camira, an ultra-modern fabric comprising REPREVE® polyester that is both luxurious and sustainable in its design. Each Hotbox 3 contains seven recycled 500ml PET bottles, what other product looks good and is kind to the environment at the same time?

It is no surprise that co-working areas are growing up to 30% per year. It is in our nature to wander, to move around; working collaboratively in spaces or immersing ourselves in a coffee shop.

Identifying new ways of working, or workstyles which complement individual personalities and increase efficiencies, is becoming all the more desirable in our everyday working lives. Look no further than the Hotbox 3 for something which gives the support you need to have a productive workday.

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