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Work or play, the Shuttle has your back

Work or play, the Shuttle backs your team

Mobile working means agile workers take everything they need on their backs. If you’re a business looking for a versatile alternative to the laptop rucksack, choose the Hotbox Shuttle. This agile backpack is divided into compartments, making it easy to split work tools from personal items and transport what they need anywhere.

Fuss-free access to your laptop and tablet for a quick commute.

Uncrowded home office: Plenty of space for your laptop, files, and clothing.

Flexible side pocket that is also a bottle holder.

Making it easier to travel in comfort with multiple devices.

Full of features

Made with wellbeing in mind

The Shuttle is lightweight with adjustable padded shoulder straps and a top carry-handle, making it comfortable for agile workers anywhere.

Room for everything

Unzipping the base of the top section creates ample space for bulky items like a gym kit or files. There’s even a top flap that opens to get in more.

Ultimate in adaptability

Like the Space Shuttle, our Shuttle takes different payloads in the bottom compartment. But, whether it’s pods or another bag, everything is in one easy-to-carry container.

Instant access for speed

When employees are at an airport or on the train, they can pull out a laptop quickly without having to dive into a black hole for them. Includes a pass-through pouch to fit onto a luggage wheelie.

Protect company items

A lanyard in the front pocket keeps keys or pass-cards secure, while the orange zipper pulls can be pushed back and hidden when travelling.

The Hotbox Tech Pouch

A Tech Pouch in the Shuttle helps employees to keep pens, cables and connectors organised and other items like power packs securely in place.

The Hotbox Tech Folio

Agile workers can swap the Pouch or complement it with a flat folio that holds a pad, sticky notes, pens, and a charger. So, they can carry what they need to a meeting while the rest of the backpack stays in their locker.

An agile backpack that empowers agile workers

If you want to release your nomadic workers from the tyranny of having to take everything with them wherever they go, give them a Hotbox Shuttle.

The Shuttle agile backpack is a versatile unisex backpack that’s also a pragmatic storage organiser system. So instead of digital nomads taking everything in one laptop backpack to lunch or a meeting, the Hotbox Shuttle flexes to their needs when working anywhere.

It has a large-capacity dual storage system with a unique cavity at the foot of the bag. And, users can divide the accessible laptop compartment at the rear, freeing work tools from personal items.

The bottom insert contains the new Hotbox Tech Pouch and Hotbox Folio – helpful pods where workers can divide items like tablets, phones, notes, pens, pads, and chargers. They can leave the bulk of the backpack in a locker, taking just a laptop and the Pouch or Folio with them to a hot desk.

Hotbox Shuttle comes in an attractive, casual design with a recycled polypropylene interior and a bluesign® approved exterior fabric that proves it’s manufactured in a safe, sustainable environment.

From the designers, BroomeJenkins.

The Shuttle, Tech Folio & Tech Pouch is made with a recycled polyester interior and a bluesign® approved exterior polyester fabric that proves it’s manufactured in a safe, sustainable environment.

  • Shuttle Backpack
    Height: 410mm / 16.14″
    Width: 320mm / 12.59″
    Depth: 170mm / 6.69″

  • Tech Folio
    Height: 190mm / 7.48″
    Width: 270mm / 10.62″
    Depth: 30mm / 10.62″

  • Tech Pouch
    Height: 190mm / 7.48″
    Width: 270mm / 10.62″
    Depth: 80mm / 3.14″
  • Grey
    Product Code
  • Charcoal
    Product Code

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