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Hotbox 1

Everything has a place

An agile workbox to empower agile workers

For businesses that want to make agile or blended working a success, there’s the Hotbox 1 agile workbox. It’s both a locker organiser to keep workplace accessories tidy and a caddy to transport items from locker to wherever work gets done – leaving desks clear for the next person.

Large rear compartment for notebooks, tablets or personal items
3 separate front compartments for your coffee cup, pens, sticky notes and snacks
Soft grip handle for your comfort and strong grip
Smart and eco-friendly packaging, transforming into a locker organiser to park your Hotbox 1

Full of features

Portable and easy to move

A soft-grip handle and lightweight design means agile can organise workplace items and transport them quickly around the office or to meetings.

One smart toolbox

With victory declared over desktop mess, your workforce can take out what they need and get to work fast.

Reinforces a clean desk policy

The Hotbox 1 agile workbox makes it easy for agile workers to pack up and leave hot desks clear and ready for cleaning before others arrive.

Reusable box for locker storage

Sustainability is important to your business. Our eco-friendly packaging can be reused as a garage to park the agile workbox in a locker.

Stow items and go with the flow to boost productivity

We designed the Hotbox 1 to help businesses strengthen agile workers’ productivity and make clean desk policies a reality in agile and blended working environments.

Our agile workbox supports today’s changing work styles by giving agile workers a toolbox to stow all they need – notebook, tablet, pens, and pads – in a locker, then take it out and use it anywhere they are working.

Hotbox 1 fits a standard locker. It is fully recyclable and comes in a choice of vibrant colours. Choose the closest colour to match your organisational branding. Or give agile workers a say in the shade – reintroducing the lost art of personalising your desk space your way.

The new grey eco-friendly Hotbox 1 is made from recycled polypropylene (PP).

From the designers, Jamie Rothwell and Rachel Forster

Hotbox 1 is made from polypropylene, which is fully recyclable at the end of use. The grey eco-friendly Hotbox 1 is made from recycled polypropylene (PP). We are continually researching new materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure we create more of our products from recycled materials, helping us to achieve a more sustainable future.

Height: 190mm / 7.5″
Width: 312mm / 12.3″
Depth: 182mm / 7.2″
Weight: 0.91kg / 2.00 lbs

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