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Colour Your Workspace with Hotbox 1

Written by Rachel Forster

On March 19, 2019

It’s the start of a busy workday. For pretty much the entire day you are moving between different workspaces, liaising with colleagues from different teams and consuming enough coffee to last you a lifetime rather than eight hours.

But when you are at your busiest, it is easy to forget all the tools that you need to work. It’s even harder to carry all these items without feeling like you need to gain an extra pair of hands.

So that’s why we designed the Hotbox 1. The essence of agile working, Hotbox 1 is the best tool to get you from zone to zone, from locker to desk, from chill-out spaces to social areas.


The compact Hotbox 1 brings something fresh to the Hotbox family. Ideal for quick collaborative working in and around any office location, Hotbox 1 is the solution for agile workers who need to be organised whilst constantly in motion.

So instead of playing a game of human Jenga, admirably loading yourself with a notebook, tablet, coffee cup and more pens than reason, plant your stuff in a Hotbox 1. With a Hotbox 1, moving from one space to another will be a much easier task – and definitely less stress-inducing.


When we were creating the packaging for Hotbox 1, we decided to make it last for longer. Designed to insert straight into your locker, the packaging can be transformed into a locker organiser to get the most out of a small space. It keeps your locker organised so that you don’t have to spend hours tidying it yourself. 


Just a fraction larger than an A4 piece of paper, Hotbox 1 is the first Hotbox to come in a series of block colours – which are all fully recyclable. Available in a spectrum of colours, pink, yellow, blue, white and brick, Hotbox 1 makes a statement when it’s sitting on your desk or in motion around the office.

Selecting its colour might come down to a variety of factors; particularly your personal workstyle and the different environments you choose to work in. Whereas the Hotbox 1 in brick could be the striking centre point of any desk, the white might be the best option for the more minimalist worker. It just depends on which colour you think will work for you and your workstyle.


At Hotbox, we go above and beyond to be kind to the environment. Hotbox 1 follows suit with the rest of the Hotbox family and is recyclable at the end of their lifecycle. Compact, contemporary and designed to suit any workstyle, Hotbox 1 keeps you organised on the go and brings colour to wherever you move. It’s the kind of product you never knew you needed until you finally got it.

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